We, at AMT ENTERPRISES, wish to reinforce our commitment to the Occupational Health & Safety of all our employees carrying out activities at client premises. We, through our various health and safety-related initiatives and objectives, shall strive towards continually improving our health and safety performance. We recognize that our OH&S performance at client sites is crucial to their own OH&S performance and extend our whole-hearted support and commitment to their cause. Our commitment to partnering with our clients in OH&S related performance for mutual benefit is the basis of this OH&S Policy.


AMT ENTERPRISES is committed to the safety and health of its employees working at client sites by ensuring that they do not indulge in the use / abuse of drugs and alcohol while on duty at client premises. AMT ENTERPRISES also undertakes to co-operate with client on all their alcohol and drug-related policy issues.

Training Awarness and Competence

  • AMT ENTERPRISES has instituted an employee-recruitment, training and performance monitoring system to ensure that all employees deployed at client sites at each relevant function and level are competent to perform tasks that are likely to impact the OH&S at site.
  • New recruitments shall take into account education, training, experience and physical fitness criteria in order to ensure that some level of competence exists to perform tasks also in a safe manner at site. The qualifying criteria would depend on the nature of the task to be performed, level of the employee in the organization and the role and responsibility. The recruitment criteria and training matrix for site personnel are specified in Annexure B.
  • Induction training will be imparted to all new recruits, which will cover:
  • OH&S Awareness Training

Training on Safe Operating Procedures and Instructions

For full details please download our Safety Document


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